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Event Details

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Vendor Space:

All spaces are outdoors. Power is available for an additional $25.  

Space Set Up: Friday, May 19th will be available for set up.

Vendors may choose to be set up for Saturday or Sunday or Both Days.

Fairground Gates will open at 7 am for vendors each day.  

Set up must be complete by 8:30 am.

Saturday Breakdown is from 6 pm - 8pm.

Sunday Breakdown is from 5 pm - 8pm

Two wristbands will be provided per space. This will allow re-entry to show all day.

Vendors will be able to purchase multiple spaces up to 6.

All sizes are approximations and based on the size of an average parking space.

1 Space is 10' wide by 19' long  -  $175

2 Spaces 20' x 19' / 10' x 38'  -  $350

3 Spaces 30' x 19'  -  $500

4 Spaces 40' x 19' / 20' x 38'  -  $675

6 Spaces 30' x 38'  -  $950

*more than 6 spaces we will be happy to customize a vendor package for you.

The lined parking spaces are designated as vendor booth locations. In the photo, you will see yellow boxes these are power locations. The closest spots to these boxes will be able to have power. The parking spots in the photo that are circled will be the spots designated for vendors.

Venue Information

Soda City Auto Show VENDORS
1200 Rosewood Drive
Columbia, SC 29201

Organizer Information

Soda City Auto Show

1200 Rosewood Drive
Columbia, SC 29201

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